Scratch a Drug Dealer's brand new ride
Take your Helmet off in Outer Space
Use a Clothes Dryer as a Hiding Place

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Take your Helmet off in Outer Space is the third line of the third verse.


Eyeballs in hands

This line is characterized by a gray spacesuit (without helmet) that holds up a pair of eyeballs. Numskull is part of group three.


No more head

Head bursts, leaving only blood and eyeballs.

Numskull is seen (with a head) floating in space as she takes off her helmet which floats up and away from her. At this point her head expands and explodes in a splash of pinkish-red blood and her eyeballs begin to drift away.

With her eyes in her hands, she's a tertiary dancer, swaying her arms back and forth for the whole chorus. Because she lost her head and her mouth is never seen, Numskull does not sing.


Numskull initially appears on the loading screen. Her minigame was introduced in August 2014, in which the player must tilt the screen to guide her towards her helmet. Later levels have asteroids as obstacles to avoid. If she reaches the helmet, she gives a thumbs up to the player after putting it on. Otherwise, she reaches the same messy end as in the video and loading screen - her head explodes which results in failure.

Numskull has another minigame which involves touching the screen to destroy the asteroids. If the player successfully destroys all the asteroids, she will safely ride the asteroid. Otherwise, she will be squashed in between the asteroids and her head explodes again, resulting in failure.