Group three

Clod never dances in the video

Group Three (or Third Group) are the ninth to twelfth characters we meet in the Dumb Ways to Die video.


The charcters in Group Three are:

Similarities and DifferencesEdit

  • All the characters are different colors.
  • Clod is the only character that doesn't remain in the chorus and only makes one appearance, thus not dancing, but evilly waving.
    • He was also the first character with a plush.
  • Clod and Bungle are also the only characters to not dance.
  • Doomed is the only one who do not appear on until the second update.
  • Numskull is a Tertiary Dancer, Bungle is a Solo Dancer (though he doesn't really dance but spins), and Doomed is a standard dancer as much as possible in his bag.
  • Numskull is the only female character in this group.
  • Bungle is the only character in this group to sing while the others don't. That's because none of the other characters have a visible mouth.
  • This is the only group where every character had no official name before the App page has announced the names of all the characters from the original song.

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