Run across the tracks between platforms
Be Safe Around Trains


DumbWaysSong SafetyMessage

The message behind the song.

"Be Safe Around Trains" was the message from Metro Trains Melbourne. It appears at the end of the video after the song ends, but in the audio version of the song, it is missing.

The PledgeEdit

Mr kidney pledge

Dunce's pledge in the app.

On there is a red button with the words "I solemnly swear not to do dumb stuff around trains". On the app, there is a red button with the same words as as well. Note that on it doesn't work for mobile users which is why it is on the app.
Screenshot 2016-10-22-11-36-33

Loopy's Pledge in Dumb Ways to Die 2 The Games.

Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF)Edit


Melbourne International Film Festival

During MIFF, the Melbourne International Film Festival, the official YouTube channel DumbWays2Die uploaded a short video called "Dumb Ways to die- Melbourne International Film Festival" which advertises the MIFF along with the reminder to be safe around trains during the festival time. Hapless speaks at his phone call to make the characters mad. At the end of the video, it will say "BE SAFE AROUND MIFF".

Valentine's DayEdit

Safety valentine

On February 2014, a clip had Ninny and Dunce as a couple. In the middle of the clip, before Dunce does his signature dancing, the message is shown as "Be Safe Around Valentine's Day" (and trains).

April Fools Day Edit

And trains

On April 2014, another clip had Numpty's Son setting up an April Fools prank. The message is shown as "Be Safe Around April Fool's Day (and trains)" with his son ushering Numpty behind the yellow line as the train passes by the platform.

Running of the Bulls Edit


In July, to coincide with the Running of the Bulls, the clip released had Señor Redcape running from a trio of bulls, before tripping and getting gored by the bull's horns. The message reads "Be Safe Around Bulls (and trains)".

The Ice Bucket ChallengeEdit

Be Safe Around The Ice Bucket Challenge

On August 2014, another short video, Dumb ways to die-Ice Bucket Challenge Fail involves Stumble doing the ice bucket challenge and then he falls backwards and gets run over by the train. After the video,the message shown as "Be safe around the ice bucket challenge (and trains)".

Halloween Edit

BeSafeAroundHalloween Trick
BeSafeAroundHalloween Treat

On October 29th 2014, another short video, Dumb Ways to Die - Halloween, was released. In a creepy neighbourhood, Mr.Ghost (or assumed to be Stumble) in a ghost costume visits a household; as the video is a "choose your own ending" type, each of the two endings (each titled "Trick" or "Treat" respectively) carries the caption, "Be Safe Around Halloween* (*and trains)".